Fish Sauce by Anhthao Bui

Fish Sauce by Anhthao Bui
Fish Sauce is realistic fiction, and Anhthao’s second anthology collection.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Instant Thoughts

  • Living in the United States, my soul is always towards Vietnam. This morning I listen to “Douce Nuit” and “Đêm Thánh Vô Cùng.” My heart is as wet as dews in the early morning. I invite you to enjoy “Silent Night,” in French and Vietnamese. Thank you for your participation. I will take you to Vietnam in 2012. Soft Smile!

  • I go home and close the door; my world exposes; I go back to a traditional Vietnamese woman.
    • I am addicted FaceBook, but it is the good addiction; I eagerly read my friends’ posts everyday to learn about their world—to learn multi-cultures and faces that satisfy my greedy mind. When I share my ideas on Facebook, I exercise my brain. Writing is not easy; if I do not practice it, words cannot go smoothly.

  • In a chilly early morning, a cold crazy laughter quakes the Bay and wakes up San Jose’s residents; they dash out off their house with their night gowns.

  • Happiness is a luxurious mood that I hardly get it; happiness looks like bubbles that quickly broke into many tiny pieces and promptly disappears in the air.

  •  I am afraid of the Mother’s Day because I am not a good child. I know I am wrong, but I have the right reason to do the wrong act.

Personal Quote

“Talent is a mixture of ingredients of qualification: passion, practice, and patience.”