Fish Sauce by Anhthao Bui

Fish Sauce by Anhthao Bui
Fish Sauce is realistic fiction, and Anhthao’s second anthology collection.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chop! Chop! Chop! California Legend

By Anhthao Bui

            In 2014, the California media talked about and mentioned rumors about Neel Kashkari (a young, minority republican with little political experience), to compete with the wise giant Caucasian Jerry Brown (with two terms of experience in Governor’s affairs and a lot of organizations’ support and backup from the Democrat Party and the White House). Therefore, Governor Brown confidently runs the gubernatorial campaign for a third time without working hard and with no commercial advertisement.

            On Neel Kashkari’s Facebook Page, his cover photo is the picture of Neel with the ax in his hand and the Redwood background that he used as the commercial campaign at the primary election. The background is symbolic for the natural California and Neel’s love of nature. Neel’s ax represents a young republican Abraham Lincoln’s ax that is similar to Lincoln’s strength in both physicality and intellect, which changed American history. Describing Lincoln’s early life as an “axman,” he used his ax to build rail fences. Once he challenged a strong man in wrestling matches. Similar to Lincoln, Kashkari played wrestling matches when he was in high school and his first job was bagging groceries.

            Both Lincoln and Kashkari use their axes to chop their opponents. Each chop is a potential power: the power of risk-taking, competition’s power, hard-working strength, team-building steadiness, and knowledgeable vigor to contribute to the society and the United States of America. Lincoln was self-educated to become a lawyer. Lincoln’s challenging campaigns to get the congressional ticket and became the sixteenth great president of the United States. Neel held the master’s degree in engineering and business. During his undergraduate and graduate years, he bagged groceries and mowed lawn to earn extra money for his tuition. Neel’s knowledge and hard work helped him become a young rich businessman. Neel’s risk-taking competes with Governor Brown, the California democrat experienced politician.

            John Henry is the American legend about an African-American mighty steel driving man who challenged a salesman who had a steam-powered drill. The salesman declared that the steam-powered drill was the best to drill the tunnel; none could beat the steam-powered drill. John Henry won the competition, but he passed away amid the thousands of people shouting victory. Similar to John Henry, Neel, a young ethnic background, with the intellectual powerful ax, challenges Governor Brown, with the democrat Party’s backup and the union’s support, as a steam power drill to build the train’s system that swallow the millions dollars of the California taxpayers with the reason that building the train transportation is to create more jobs for Californians, eliminate pollution, and reduce traffic.    

Is Kashkari the California Governor in November? The answer is depended on you, Supporters. Thank you.

Los Angeles June 23, 2014