Fish Sauce by Anhthao Bui

Fish Sauce by Anhthao Bui
Fish Sauce is realistic fiction, and Anhthao’s second anthology collection.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Creeping to the Torch of Liberty

 Life is a mysterious and fairy dream. I cannot believe myself that it is true.

When I first set foot in San Francisco Airport, I was only an immigrant who spoke a little English. However, eight years later, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English degree and became an educator at a public school. Now I am a self-published author with two books written in English. What kudos and privilege I have received from the beneficial nature of the United States. The United States is a gracious fairy who uses a magical wand to transform my doom into radiance. I would like to spread around the world the beauty of the United States and the benevolence of this country.  Uncle Sam provided me with knowledge to empower a timid, female immigrant to become an independent and confident Vietnamese-American woman.

  “Life is not a rose”; the American life is toilsome and severe for any newcomer. However, I believe that the United States is the paradise of opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from Alpha to Omega. The Founding Fathers always find the best ways and solutions to provide the residents contingency and freedom to reach their dreams in their own ways.

Under the control of the Vietnamese communist government, my creativity hyphenated under deep down ground. When I came to the United States, in this rich, knowledgeable, fertile soil and free atmosphere, my artistic seeds started with sprouts, grew up, and bloomed. 

Choosing the English major was a lonely path and a great challenge. However, the passion of writing urged me to overcome tons of hardships. Writing and reading are parts of my daily activities. Writing calms my anxiety and releases my adversity. Writing is also the way I learn English.  Each self-published book is a significant milestone in my life to measure my improvement in learning English, and an expedition to the torch of liberty. The undertaking of this adventure is risky, dangerous, and exciting to test my endurance and to prove my hypothesis about the United States: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

June 16, 2013

 Happy Father’s Day to the Founding Fathers of the United States!

 Pay tribute to the Fourth of July

Happy Birthday to the United States of America!